Recognizing a true Canadian Hero!

As the cold and snowy weather settles in to so many of our Canadian cities, I am thinking back to a very special winter event that took place in Vancouver, between February 12 and 28, 2010.  I am talking about The Winter Olympics that were hosted in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 2010 Winter Olympics marked the beginning of a very special CAPHC partnership with an inspirational family who opened their hearts and dreams to so many Canadians.

On February 14,, 2010, Alexandre Bilodeau became the first Canadian Olympian to ever win a gold medal on Canadian soil!

This was truly an achievement of a lifetime that captured the hearts of all Canadians.  However it is the story and inspiration of a wonderful family that has been embraced by so many Canadians.


 After his stunning victory in Vancouver, Alexandre decided that he wanted to give back to his country, by pursuing his family’s dream to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cerebral palsy and other childhood disabilities.

The Bilodeau family, Serge, Sylvie, Beatrice, Frederic and Alexandre, are in deed making a difference!

Far too often in paediatric rehabilitation centres, comparative data to support decision making and understand how well rehabilitation centres are performing are simply not available.

The number of children with disabilities is projected to escalate in the coming years, due to advances in technology that have improved survival rates. An increasing number of children and youth with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy will depend on rehabilitation services to help them participate in activities and live a high quality of life. Access to reliable and evidence based data is essential to understand how best to use finite resources to optimize an individual’s functioning and to support a fulfilling and meaningful life for children and youth with disabilities.

Because of the tremendous generosity and partnership with the Bilodeau family, CAPHC is addressing the lack of comparable data for paediatric rehabilitation services by supporting the development of a unique national paediatric dataset and benchmarking program.

During this wonderful holiday season, CAPHC would like to recognize and thank the Bilodeau family for their active participation and support of this very important national initiative.

“Together we are making a difference!”

Elaine Orrbine, President & CEO, CAPHC

Ann WatkinsComment