What’s a New Year Without a Challenge?

How can CAPHC get a commitment to a change in culture, practice, policy and ultimately improved health outcomes for the child and youth population?

 Issue a challenge – that’s how!

The CAPHC Safety Competencies Challenge engaged the child and youth healthcare community (acute, community and rehabilitation) across Canada in understanding the state of current national practice in relation to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) Safety Competencies Framework. (Released in 2008 to enhance patient safety education across health professions)

This engagement resulted in the development of an on-line resource that translates the academic language of the CPSI Safety Competencies into work day language and links the daily processes to both the Safety Competencies and the Accreditation Canada Required Organizational Practices. (ROPs).  

This is just the beginning though, practice continually changes and so must this resource.  It lives on the CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network which is an online community that is looking for new members.

Visit us at http://ken.caphc.org/xwiki/bin/view/SafetyCompetenciesChallenge/WebHome to learn more and:

  •  Reflect your organizations daily patient safety practice against the categories and examples provided
  • Engage your team in patient safety activities and planning
  • Share examples from your patient safety plan with other organizations
  • Customize new processes and tools using examples from like organizations
  • Update your patient safety strategy

We know there are many innovative programs being created and run across the country.  Why not share your success and work with CAPHC and your colleagues across the country to improve health outcomes for the child and youth population. 

We challenge you!

Ann WatkinsComment