CAPHC's "Puff the Magic Dragon's Den"

Everyone at CAPHC is looking forward with great enthusiasm to the 2013 CAPHC Conference "Innovations in Children's Healthcare:  From Inspiration to Application"  taking place from October 20 - 23, 2013 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Intercontinental Hotel.   

A highlight this year will no doubt be CAPHC's own "Puff the Magic Dragon's Den"

Bringing new ideas forward and changing practice in healthcare is no small task. No matter how great an idea you think you have, it still takes a lot of work and resources your organization will tell you it doesn't have. Enter CAPHC’s Puff the Magic Dragons' Den, where hopeful innovators pitch their new programs and quality improvement ideas to a panel of innovation and healthcare leaders who have power, expertise and influence in the healthcare community. They've all been around the block and have lived the challenges of implementing new ideas. Though they are enthusiastic, you better not walk into this Den unprepared. It takes more than passion to convince these healthcare Dragons that your idea is worth their attention. They are busy and have many competing priorities so you better bring more than strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff… 

Do you have an innovative idea or program in child and youth health care to pitch in CAPHC’s Puff the Magic Dragon’s Den?

In a 90 minute plenary session on Monday October 21, three brave individuals/groups will have the opportunity to face the Dragons. They will ask you questions, offer you advice on how to sell your idea to your own organization and the larger community, help you to overcome barriers and maybe get you from inspiration to practice. The Dragons will then throw you to the audience for more input, questions and feedback. 

If you impress the Dragons enough, they might-at their own discretion-offer you a set period of their time for one-on-one mentorship/coaching to assist you in moving your innovation forward.

Your pitch needs to be concise. You have 5 minutes (MAXIMUM) to explain:

  1.  What your innovation is 
  2. How it differs from existing approaches
  3. What the benefits are
  4. How you envision the work evolving – the future direction 
  5. What you need from the Dragons:  expertise in change management, ideas for  funding sources, models for sustainability & outreach, collaborative opportunities, or something else

Applications must meet the following requirements:

1. The innovation must support one of the following CAPHC’s strategic priorities 

  • Establish programs and activities that address current and emerging child and youth healthcare priorities; 
  • Advocate for transforming health service delivery for children and youth in Canada; 
  • Connect service providers and key stakeholders to realize shared child and youth healthcare goals; 
  • Foster research, broker knowledge, facilitate educational opportunities and enhance information exchange for members and stakeholders within the child and youth healthcare community, as well as with external partners

2. The innovation is relevant and adaptable 

3. The innovation must have been initiated and:

  • addressed a need in health service delivery; or
  • improved patient safety; or
  • reduced costs; or 
  • improved patient experience; or
  • other

4. The innovation was initiated by an individual or team from  a CAPHC member organization 

There is room for only 3 presentations.  We will be looking for a geographic mix and original ideas.

Submissions must be received by May 31, 2013

One complimentary CAPHC Conference registration will be awarded to each application that is chosen.

If you are successful you will be notified via email by July 15 and be required to confirm your ability to be in attendance at the CAPHC Conference in Toronto on October 21, and to be available for a telephone preparation meeting in advance of your presentation at the conference.. We expect these prep meetings to take place in August or early September. You will need to assume your own travel and accommodation costs.

To submit your proposal please click on the link

Your submission (250 words or less) must include:

  • A clear, concise summary of the work
  • Description of results or progress to date
  • What considerations were given to family/client/stakeholder
  • How you would like the Dragon’s to help you

Please direct any questions to Lisa Stromquist

Good Luck!

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