Call to Action!

CAPHC has listened to its members and now we are calling on you for your leadership and ability to work together for a common cause!

CAPHC’s Paediatric Practice Guidelines Collaborative has established 4 Communities of Practice (CoPs) in the areas that were identified as a priority by the CAPHC community.  These Communities meet monthly via teleconference/web meeting.

We welcome everyone who has a passion for quality improvement, experience with practice guideline development and implementation and a keen interest in working within a CoP to join CAPHC, our members and partners as we build our Communities.

Please contact Lisa Stromquist, National Coordinator, Quality and Patient Safety CAPHC to join a CoP 

CAPHC will support each of the CoPs through our national office and facilitate the working groups and the virtual community on the CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN).
These 4 priorities have been chosen for their importance clinically and economically, and their long-term consequences for both children and families.  The 4 areas also carry the potential to rally all paediatric disciplines and healthcare providers that share similar challenges for managing these conditions properly across continuum of care.  The CoP networks will address continuity of care, crossing the classic boundaries of a currently fragmented system. 
Each CoP will need to define their scope and mission as well as specific goals and timelines. Calling on the expertise that exists nationally in the infant, child and youth healthcare community will ensure appropriate representation from individuals/organizations for content, data collection & evaluation, as well as those who have the ability to implement change at an organizational and system-wide level. 

For more information please go to:

Or contact Lisa Stromquist, National Coordinator, Quality and Patient Safety, CAPHC

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