Every Few Seconds Someone Dies of Sepsis...

On September 13th 2013, what is your organization doing for World Sepsis Day?

The first World Sepsis Day took place on September 13, 2012 supported by more than 1300 hospitals and organizations from around the world. With over 100 events in 40 countries the global impact was significant.

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The Global Sepsis Alliance sees World Sepsis Day as a tool to help bring attention to the growing burden of sepsis to the health policymakers at a regional, national and global level.   Globally, 20 – 30 million people are estimated to be afflicted each year, with over 6 million cases of neonatal and early childhood sepsis and over 100,000 cases of maternal sepsis.

“Severe infections leading to sepsis account for about 70% of infant and childhood deaths worldwide” Professor Niranjan Kissoon, MD, FRCPC, FAAP, FCCM, FACPE

Sepsis still kills at least 30% of people who are afflicted by it, even if they are in the most modern intensive care unit and receiving all the best antibiotics.  The development of drug resistant and more powerful pathogens and an aging society are some of the reasons for this in the developed world.  But, the chance of survival is over 80% if sepsis is recognized and treated within the first hour.  This is why it is imperative that effective screening and early recognition systems are in place.

The CAPHC Community of Practice in Sepsis is working to develop national standards and guidelines for sepsis screening in our infant, child and youth health care community.   

 What are the incidence of sepsis in your clinical area - is it a priority for clinical improvement?  

What can the CAPHC Community do together to reduce the incidence of sepsis in Canadian healthcare organizations

September 13 is World Sepsis Day.  

Register your organization's event and join the fight against sepsis!


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