Capturing a Moment of Canadian Olympic History

Art Print of Alexandre Bilodeau Captures His Second Gold Medal Win in Freestyle Ski & Raises Funds for CAPHC

CAPHC is excited to present to our friends and colleagues an unique opportunity to take home a piece of Canadian Olympic History!

As did so many across Canada and the world, CAPHC watched Alexandre Bilodeau at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia with excitement and pride as he became a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and truly made his mark as a Canadian legend in sport. 

Artist Peter Jurik and Jurik Designs are set to release their latest artwork capturing that moment of gold medal victory for Alex in the Freestyle Mogul event! Based on an original water-colour painting, Lithographic Art prints of this incredible moment are available for sale at their website!

As a CAPHC honorary member The Bilodeau Family has been an integral partner in advancing CAPHC’s national childhood disabilities and rehabilitation programs since 2010. With tremendous support from the Bilodeau's, Le Groupe Perron and other key partners, in 2014 CAPHC will launch the first time ever Canadian Paediatric Rehab Reporting System (PRRS).

Partial proceeds of funds raised by the sale of these art prints will go directly to the continued development of PRRS and we are incredibly grateful to the Bilodeau's for their support and commitment to the health and well-being of Canada’s children and youth! 

Own a piece of Canadian Olympic History with a beautiful print of Alex's incredible victory! There are also several opportunities to bring home a print signed by Alex. A full press release with details can be found HERE

The support of CAPHC's friends and colleagues is making a real difference and we are honoured to share this moment with you. 

 - Elaine Orrbine, President & CEO, CAPHC 

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