World Sepsis Day is on September 13, 2014

World Sepsis Day is an initiative led by the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) which was formed to promote professional and public awareness about sepsis.  Worldwide support for WSD has grown from one thousand hospitals and health care institutions around the world in 2012 to more than twenty- two hundred in 2013. 

Across Canada various events have been planned to recognize World Sepsis Day.

Learn more and sign the World Sepsis Day Declaration.

The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group  goal is to have Canada lead the list of health care institutions that support World Sepsis Day in 2014 and stand with the GSA in trying to reduce the global toll of sepsis.    

The Alberta Sepsis Network kicks off three days of events with an Academic/Research Day on Wednesday, September 10 with a poster competition followed by distinguished speakers from across the country covering topics like: Sepsis Deaths: Health Inequity is Not the Only Culprit; Extracellular DNA and Histones: Translational Studies in Sepsis; Cognitive Consequences of Sepsis Survival
Thursday, September 11 is a  Health Care Providers Education Day that includes presentations, a tour of the research lab at university of Calgary and interactive demonstrations. This day  concludes with  Sepsis survivors discussing  how sepsis has changed their lives.
Saturday, September 13 is Public Engagement Day at TELUS Spark and every hour there will be a live KidSIM Performance of a Paediatric Patient in an Emergency Department. There will also be 8 Interactive booths promoting sepsis awareness to TELUS Spark patrons through hands-on fun activities for kids of all ages! 

  1. Human Patient Simulation. KidSIM in action on site
  2. Germ Wars – Your Body’s Micro Ninjas!
  3.  Germ Wars 2 – Bug Busters!
  4. Spread the word, NOT the germ!
  5. What’s Faster Than a Race Car and Fits Inside Your Head?
  6. Germ CSI
  7. Are Vaccines Safe? 
  8. Be a Germ Doctor and Check out Teddy’s Health

 The Paediatric Emergency Department at the Hospital for Sick Children is in the initial phases of developing an order set / set of guidelines for recognition and management of sepsis.   

The BC Sepsis Network is  expanding their goals for early investigation and treatment to include inpatient sepsis care. They have developed a draft screening tool and protocol for a provincial inpatient unit pilot project.  

BC Children’s Hospital is also reaching out to patients, families and healthcare providers all week through:

  • Mock sepsis simulations in various patient care areas 
  • Posters featuring BCCH sepsis data
  • Doc talk following Paediatric Grand rounds 
  • Family/patient information 

CAPHC's Community of Practice in Sepsis will be coming out with recommendations for a paediatric specific sepsis screening tool as well as an implementation strategy in the coming months.

Stay tuned this week for more information on World Sepsis Day - tomorrow:

The Global Burden of Sepsis

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