Announcing the 2014 CAPHC Citizenship Award - Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada, Awarded CAPHC’s 2014 Citizenship Award! 

October 21, 2014, Calgary, Alberta, Hyatt Regency Hotel, At the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres Annual Conference

The CAPHC Board of Directors is honoured to recognize Accreditation Canada as the recipient of the CAPHC 2014 Citizenship Award. This award was established in 2007 by the CAPHC Board of Directors and honours an organization, foundation, or corporation for their commitment to the health and well - being of Canada’s children and youth.

Accreditation Canada is being recognized today for its long-standing commitment to excellence in quality health services for all Canadians. Since the fall of 2006, CAPHC and Accreditation Canada have worked together in partnership to bring the voice and needs of children and youth to healthcare quality improvement. 

Recognizing the unique needs of our children and youth, our collaboration has resulted in the development of standards of care that have addressed the needs of this vulnerable population. Accreditation Canada has supported a true spirit of national collaboration across the child and youth healthcare community, aimed at reducing risk and improving quality and safety across the continuum of care. 

Wendy Nicklin, President and CEO, Accreditation Canada

“We are honoured to be recognized for our health care quality improvement efforts and our commitment to the health of young Canadians,” said Wendy Nicklin, President and CEO of Accreditation Canada. “Our ongoing collaboration with CAPHC continues to be a positive factor in the delivery of safe, high-quality health care services for infants, children and youth.”

The Board of Directors is truly honoured to present Wendy Nicklin and Accreditation Canada with the CAPHC 2014 Citizenship Award! 

Elaine Orrbine
President and CEO

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