A Message from CAPHC’s Board Chair

The compelling need and desire to advance the health of Canadian children brings together diverse communities of practitioners, clinicians, leaders, and educators to form the organization that we know as CAPHC.  Through the sharing of our knowledge and expertise, which has no provincial or professional boundaries, CAPHC has become a significant voice for children and youth, families, clinicians, and health care executives in Canada, and indeed beyond.

I am delighted to announce that over the past year, your CAPHC Board of Directors and our Executive Team have been focused on and engaged in the development of a bold and ambitious strategic plan.  Individually we are fiercely committed to promoting children’s health in Canada and as a Board we are united in our vision of the future for our organization.  In the coming  months, we plan to engage and energize our membership to rally around our 4 strategic imperatives,  and through our webinars as well as in other forums invite participation in goal setting, and in the development of metrics, as well as to assist us in the achievement of our desired outcomes.

I strongly believe that the success of our new 5 year plan and the ongoing impact of CAPHC is highly dependent on the engagement and commitment of our membership as well as our leadership.  Over many years our collaboration on topics and issues that range from Stewardship of resources to establishing best practices has provided national and international leadership to the delivery of children’s healthcare.

With this rich history, the expertise and knowledge of our members, our commitment to a common mission, and our bold new plan, I am excited to share with you our vision for the future.  I encourage you to ask questions and welcome your guidance and support in the coming months.

Marilyn Monk

Chair, CAPHC Board
Executive Vice President, Clinical
The Hospital for Sick Children

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