TREKK Launches Resource Repository

Our colleagues over at TREKK (Translating Emergency Knowledge For Kids) have recently launched a searchable Resource Repository.

For those of you that attended our previous webinars (here, and, here) with the folks at TREKK, you may recall that they have been developing an online, searchable and interactive site with guidelines, clinical pathways, systematic reviews and other resources that will be of great interest to our paediatric emergency department colleagues from across the country.

Using a rigorous 'Selection Policy' they find evidence-based tools and resources for pediatric emergency care, and they also provide an opportunity for users to suggest alternate sources of information, and other web based resources that could also be included in the various entries.


Lisa Knisley, Network Manager at TREKK, says, "The repository is in response to feedback from our emergency colleagues who said they wanted quick access to online information that had been curated by leading pediatric emergency clinicians/researchers in Canada.  They also stated they wanted ‘Bottomline’ info – key, need to know facts when they need it. But they also wanted the option to look at different levels of evidence when they had the time.  This is why we have formatted it in a ‘Knowledge Pyramid’ style – short, key facts at the top, followed by evidence summaries, guidelines etc and lastly, key studies."


For more information about TREKK, or their new Resource Repository, check out their website, at, or contact Lisa at: