Moving Forward with Paediatric Care in the New Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan

This is a guest post from Bette Boechler, Treasurer, CAPHC Board, and Director, Maternal and Children's Services, Royal University Hospital.

In preparation for breaking ground for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS), demolition of old space at Royal University Hospital has finally started. This has been a long time coming…we started working on the functional program in 2006.  

Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) has been a member of CAPHC since 2002.  Over the past few years, we have been busy designing the physical structure of our new Children’s Hospital.  For the past year, we have started to focus on how we will work and provide care in the new building. During the physical design phase and the operational design phase, our membership in CAPHC has been more important than ever. 

Children’s Health Services has used data from CPDSN as well as our provincial census data, to determine bed numbers and clinical requirements. As we start to plan the operations in the new building, CAPHC continues to be a resource for best practice guidelines, safety initiatives and benchmarking data. As a CAPHC Board member, I’ve used the wisdom and experience of other Board members to make informed decisions regarding Children’s Health Services.  

The Strategic Plan that CAPHC has developed for the next five years greatly reflects the support we will need to continue to move forward with pediatric care in the new Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. Children’s care in the Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) has always been a "Children’s Hospital within a Hospital” model. I can’t help but feel that having a Children’s Hospital in Saskatchewan will take us to another level in terms of children’s care.   The national perspective that CAPHC brings will provide support and credibility for the changes we need to make in our practice. Membership in CAPHC has provided us with a Community of Practice for pediatric care and has helped inform many of our decisions.

CAPHC’s four strategic initiatives were developed through input from across Canada.  The initiatives are very relevant for Saskatchewan as we build our first Children’s’ Hospital. 

I am confident CAPHC will continue to provide support that will help us move forward with our vision to provide the best possible care for our pediatric patients. 

Bette Boechler,
Treasurer, CAPHC Board,
Director, Maternal and Children's Services, 
Royal University Hospital, 
Saskatoon Health Region, 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan