Nursing Collaborative Gears up for 2015 and Welcomes Newcomers!

This is a guest post from our Nursing Collaborative colleagues.

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to all! Thank you so much for participating in last year’s Breakfast Symposium at the 2014 CAPHC conference in Calgary “Innovation to Action - A Nursing Network”.  We had a great turnout!!  For those of you who were unable to attend, we are gearing up for 2015 and are looking for your participation!

The network provides you with the unique opportunity to connect and interact with your nursing colleagues from across Canada.  We are pleased to let you know that we are in the process of pulling together the working groups for Education, Research, Practice and Leadership.  During our inaugural Nursing Network webinar held on September 10th we heard from you regarding the priority areas for research and education.  At the Breakfast session, we heard further from you regarding the priority areas for clinical practice and leadership in paediatric nursing.  Our goal moving forward is to establish working groups in these areas and we are looking for you to join and participate in one of these groups.   

The key priority areas identified were:

o    Research – to increase the profile of paediatric nursing research across Canada.  This group will identify and enable strategies to achieve this goal. 
o    Education and Standards – to establish CNA Specialty certification for Paediatric Nursing in Canada.  This will be done through the work that has already been initiated by CAPN.  As well, identifying core paediatric competencies for consideration by Schools of Nursing across Canada.
o    Leadership – to provide opportunities for mentorship/leadership, networking and to create an inventory of leadership resources for nurse leaders and emerging nurse leaders across the Nation; to understand and further explore the scope of practice of nurses across Canada.  This group will identify innovative models of paediatric care that have been put into practice.  We would be interested in any other ideas you may have under this umbrella.
o    Practice – to identify best practices in the areas of Transitions in Care and Complex Care.  There is an opportunity to participate in the existing work being led by CAPHC’s National Guideline Collaborative, specifically Communities of Practice for Transitions and Medically Complex Children; to identify existing strategies/tools to integrate Mental Health into paediatric nursing practice.  We are looking to hear from those individuals who have imbedded Mental Health into practice.  Please share this email with others in your practice areas that have this expertise.

Again, we thank you again for choosing to be a part of the “Nursing Network” as you all play a pivotal role in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health in paediatric care.  The network provides us with a wonderful opportunity to come together to share innovative ideas and address key issues for paediatric nursing in Canada.  

Thank you for your continued interest in this exciting work! We look forward to hearing from you.

 Please contact Kristen Campbell at and let us know which group you wish to join.

Pat Elliott-Miller
Jocelyn Vine
Pam Hubley
Nancy Lefebre
Kristen Campbell

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