CAPHC’s 2014 Year in Review Highlights Impact of our National Collaboration!

CAPHC’s 2014 Year in Review Highlights Impact of our National Collaboration!

Working together to share knowledge and expertise advances our collective goals to improving healthcare and to advancing healthcare equity for all of Canada’s children and youth. The CAPHC Board of Directors and staff have been working hard this past year to enhance and strengthen CAPHC’s core programs to ensure high relevance and value to our member organizations and to the children, youth and families that depend on the essential services provided by the CAPHC community.

This past year has been underscored by unprecedented national collaboration and leadership amidst a continuing focus on national benchmarking and quality improvement. In February of 2014, an agreement in principle was reached between CAPHC and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) regarding the creation of a Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System (PRRS). With strong leadership and commitment from our rehabilitation colleagues, the goal is to create a powerful national database to support rehabilitation centres across the country make better decisions based on evidence, while improving access to care and health outcomes. The official launch of PRRS is planned for late spring of 2015.

During the next 12 months, our Paediatric Practice Guidelines Collaborative will continue its focus in the following four priority areas: transition from paediatric to adult care; management of medically complex children throughout the continuum of care; sepsis screening; and the management of acute paediatric pain.

Our partnership and work with Accreditation Canada will also continue in the development and implementation of national standards with broad applicability to all patient populations including the specific needs of neonatal, paediatric and high-risk maternal patient groups.

The growth in our knowledge translation and education activities over the past year has been remarkable, bringing thousands of healthcare practitioners, researchers, policy makers, administrators, families and youth together during CAPHC’s weekly webinars and other KT activities. A resource library of all CAPHC

webinars and presentations has been created on our Knowledge Exchange Network and we invite all our members to become familiar with the tools and materials available for you.

At our 2014 Annual Conference in Calgary, we proudly launched CAPHC’s new strategic plan and 5 year vision (2014 – 2019). Our new strategic plan is the result of the commitment and leadership from the CAPHC Board of Directors, senior management and staff. We would like to thank CAPHC’s Board members for their extraordinary commitment of time and particularly the experience and wisdom they brought to bear on the development of the strategic plan. Please take some time to review the plan and make it your own!

As an integral part of this process, we would also like to acknowledge the invaluable input provided by CAPHC’s liaisons, members & partner organizations at the two “appreciative inquiry” webinars held in August and September 2014, as well as from our delegates and colleagues who attended our booth at CAPHC’s Annual Conference and Temperature Check held in Calgary between October 19 – 21, 2014.

We are proud to present CAPHC’s 2014 Annual Report and invite you to spend a few minutes with this year’s report to become better acquainted with our various national initiatives, knowledge translation platform and CAPHC’s many collaborative opportunities. The French version of CAPHC's Annual Report can be found here

A comprehensive overview of all CAPHC initiatives and activities are described and updated regularly on CAPHC’s web site and Knowledge Exchange Network. Your feedback and collaboration are most welcome!

Elaine Orrbine
President and CEO,

Marilyn Monk
Executive Vice President,
Clinical Programs and Services, The Hospital for Sick Children

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