T4 Health – Triage, Transport, Treatment & Transition

This is a guest post by Karen Wallace, the Conference Administrator for the SickKids T4 Health Conference. 


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This inaugural Inter-Professional Neonatology Conference will focus on three main themes: neonatal brain health, neonatal nutrition & neonatal respiratory care at various points in the continuum of care (Triage, Transport, Treatment and Transition).  The conference features breakout sessions that integrate community learning needs and tertiary care when faced with high risk complex newborns.  We will focus on a collaborative practice model of health care utilizing the expertise of all team members to guide best practice for optimal outcomes.
Keynote & Plenary Sessions:  

  • Neonatal Transport: One Cog in a Complex Machine Dr. Andrew Berry
  • Neonatal Nutrition: Have We Finished Growing? Joan Brennan-Donnan  
  • Mapping the Road Ahead for the Premature Infant Dr.  Lianne Woodward


  • The Golden Hour of Preterm Resuscitation: What Frontline Practitioners Need to Know
  • Improving the Triage/Transport Process through Simulation: Tricks to Improve Triage and Transport through the Use of Simulated Scenarios 

Hot Topics in Neonatal Nutrition 

  • Approach to Neonatal Encephalopathy: Physical Examination and Amplitude Integrated EEG 
  • An Evidence Based Approach to Non-Invasive Respiratory Support: Navigating through the Algorithms and Technologies 
  • Building Blocks and Red Flags: Tips to Identify Developmental Delay during Well-Baby Visits 

Who should attend?

  • Neonatologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Nurses and advanced practice RN’s
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Other allied health care professionals

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