"Get Oriented" with the BCCH Youth Advisory Committee

This is a guest post created by Sabrina Gill, a Nurse Clinician in the Division of Adolescent Health Medicine at the British Columbia Children's Hospital.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8f5PmIRtAs&w=560&h=315]

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) at the BC Children's Hospital has created a video to help fellow patients 'Get Oriented' before and during their stay at the hospital. The YAC video brainstormed with patients to discover which key items were important to pass on to other youth, and what it feels like to be admitted to the hospital. This video is a great tool for all paediatric hospitals and can be used to help prepare and introduce incoming patients to hospital life. 
The (YAC) is part of Partner in Care, with Sabrina Gill (Adolescent Medicine) as staff lead.  It was established in January 2011, and currently has around 18 members. The Committee meets the first Thursday of the month and is made up of a group of youth members who are dedicated to promoting excellence in principles and practice of youth friendly centred care. As leaders they provide resources and guidance to strengthen collaboration of professionals and youth who are connected at BC Children's Hospital. The YAC empowers youth and gives them a voice in decisions that affect patient care and youth experiences.
Check out some of the other activities/projects that the YAC were involved with.
•             Drug Cocktails Website
•             ON TRAC Transition Initiative -- Just Trac It Video
•             Inpatient Talent Shows/Hot Chocolate Events/Ice cream Social
•             Reviewed many educational materials for “youth friendly” approval
•             Adolescent Survey Questionnaire – with Emily Carr School
•             Beginning stages of Kelty Resource Center
•             Educational Seminars on Youth Friendly Care
•             Mental Health Promotion Capacity Building Project
•             “Lets Talk” – A Guide for Teens and their Health
•             C&W Redevelopment Project - Design Video
•             Guest Speakers at many conferences such as;
                                Canadian Bioethics Society
                                Canadian Pediatric Society (Show Case)
                                Child Health Transition Workshop
                                The Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centers (CAPHC) (Dragons Den)
•             Get Orientated to BCCH Video 

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