Announcement: Launch of CAPHC's Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System (PRRS)


 “A Canadian Vision and Dream Come True”

It is with tremendous excitement that the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) would like to announce the launch of Canada’s first Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System (PRRS). PRRS is now live to capture and share data from paediatric rehabilitation centres across the country. The PRRS is a program that will allow a national network of organizations that provide rehabilitation services to children to benchmark the outcomes of their services with similar organizations across Canada.   The program will support planning and decision making, help inform health service delivery and ultimately improve the services provided by rehabilitation centres from coast to coast.

The Challenge

Paediatric rehabilitation centres in Canada provide care for over 200,000 children with complex childhood disabilities, including those living with Cerebral Palsy and Autism.  It is expected that the number of children living with disabilities will rise as advances in technology continue to improve survival rates. The majority (66%) of all paediatric healthcare costs are accounted for by a small portion of children living with complex conditions. While most adult and some paediatric health institutions in Canada increasingly have access to high quality data for these purposes, this data simply does not exist for centres in Canada who are delivering rehabilitation services to children and youth.

In 2004, CAPHC’s network of rehabilitation service providers, the Canadian Network of Child and Youth Rehab (CN-CYR) identified the need to develop a benchmarking and data sharing program focused on paediatric rehabilitation and community based care that addressed the special needs of this population.

The Solution

The creation of a PRRS was an innovative and collaborative partnership with the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) under CAPHC’s benchmarking program, the Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network (CPDSN) to formalize and commit to the paediatric rehabilitation data collection and reporting.  PRRS is a vehicle to ensure pan-national rehabilitation data can inform an accountable, transformational service delivery system for children with disabilities or chronic conditions that balances the clients’ need and economic realities.  Creating this standardized approach in the collection, analysis and dissemination of valid and reliable outcome measures related to rehabilitation services for children and youth with disabilities within Canada will allow the healthcare system to measure and compare the quality of paediatric rehabilitation services with a view to improving services and outcomes.  Clear, is that decision-making across all levels of leadership (e.g. clinicians, administrators and policy makers) and across provincial boundaries cannot be made in the absence of standardized data collection and reporting practices. This national barrier has now been removed as the Paediatric Rehab Reporting System is live to now capture data nationally.

Making the Vision a Reality

Due to the tremendous leadership, participation, and dedication of the child and youth rehabilitation community across the country, we have made our collective vision a reality.  The commitment of Sonia Pagura and Dorothy Harvey, Co- chairs of the PRRS Steering Committee and all its members, have played a crucial role in the success of launching Canada’s first ever Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System.

We would also like to recognize the generosity of Alexandre, Frederic, and the entire Bilodeau Family, The Groupe Perron, Power Corporation of Canada and CIBC Capital Markets Trading – “Children's Miracle Day,” who have provided essential financial support in the development of this national initiative!

In order to make evidence based decisions and improve health outcomes, PRRS is now a reality and a national tool that will provide access to robust, standardized data to the paediatric rehabilitation community in Canada.

Elaine Orrbine
CAPHC President & CEO


Siam Javeid
CAPHC - CPDSN Health Information Analyst / PRRS Project Manager

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