G-Tubes and You - AboutKidsHealth

Over the next few months, CAPHC Conversations will be featuring articles and resources from the AboutKidsHealth website.  For more information on AboutKidsHealth, check out their website, or contact Sean Schurr at sean.schurr@sickkids.ca.


A gastrostomy tube (or G tube) is a feeding tube that is inserted through the stomach. G tubes are used when a child has trouble eating, to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients and calories. Children who experience various gastrointestinal disorders may require enteral feeding through a G tube. 

For your patients who are using a G tube, AboutKidsHealth has recently published a series of articles to help parents and caregivers take care of their child’s G tube at home. The articles cover the following topics:
•    Types of G tubes
•    How to care for a G tube
•    Common problems associated with G tubes
•    What to do if the G tube is pulled out or moves
•    Preparing for permanent G tube removal

We even feature how-to videos on what to do if a child’s G tube is pulled out and changing a child’s low-profile G tube.

AboutKidsHealth is SickKids’ patient education website, featuring over 3,500 articles available in multiple languages. For more information on G tubes and other health topics, please visit AboutKidsHealth


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