Looking for info on plant safety and insect bites? Check out AboutKidsHealth!

Over the next few months, CAPHC Conversations will be featuring articles and resources from the AboutKidsHealth website.  For more information on AboutKidsHealth, check out their website, or contact Sean Schurr at sean.schurr@sickkids.ca.


June is National Recreation and Parks Month. What better time to enjoy nature with all the family!

Time outdoors is extremely valuable for kids, but it can also pose some safety risks as children are exposed to a range of plants and insects. Some children can experience mild to severe allergic reactions from plants, bug bites or bee stings. There’s also a risk that some insects could carry diseases. In Ontario, for instance, Lyme disease can be a concern as deer ticks become an issue in warmer months.

AboutKidsHealth has a number of articles about keeping kids safe from nature’s hazards. Parents and families can learn about:

·         insect bites

·         plant safety

·         tick bites

·         Lyme disease

·         spider bites and scorpion stings.

Each page covers common signs and symptoms as well as prevention, treatment and more. There are also tips on how much bug repellant and DEET is safe to use on children so they can safely enjoy the great outdoors all summer long.

AboutKidsHealth is SickKids’ patient education website, featuring more than 3,500 articles on a range of health topics. For more information and to check out more articles, please visit AboutKidsHealth.ca


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