Tips on preventing head injuries from AboutKidsHealth

Over the next few months, CAPHC Conversations will be featuring articles and resources from the AboutKidsHealth website.  For more information on AboutKidsHealth, check out their website, or contact Sean Schurr at


Most kids will fall and bump their head at some point as they grow, whether they are learning to walk, ride a bike or just playing outside. Although it’s impossible to prevent every bump, parents and children can take a number of steps to reduce the likelihood of a head injury.

In honour of Brain Injury Awareness Month, AboutKidsHealth offers a number of articles and videos to help educate patients and families about head injuries, concussions and helmet safety.

For parents, there are tips on:

·         identifying the signs and symptoms of a concussion

·         preventing head injuries

·         getting your child to wear a helmet

·         making sure a child’s helmet is fitted properly.

And for children, the Just for Kids section has fun content about the importance of wearing protective equipment.  

·         A colourful page on helmet safety explains everything kids need to know about avoiding head injuries.

·         A game about sports safety lets children learn to choose the right equipment to stay safe while playing a range of sports.

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