CAPHC 2016 Citizenship Award

CAPHC 2016 Citizenship Award
Presented to The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
CAPHC 2016 Annual Awards Luncheon
October 25, 2016
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The CAPHC Citizenship Award was established in 2007 by the CAPHC Board of Directors and is presented each year in appreciation and national recognition of an Organization, Foundation, or Corporation’s commitment to the health and well-being of Canada’s children and youth.

On October 25, 2016 at CAPHC’s Annual Awards Luncheon, held this year in Halifax Nova Scotia, the CAPHC Board of Directors was honoured to recognize The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation as the recipient of the CAPHC 2016 Citizenship Award.

Since 1957, the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation has inspired and enabled local, provincial, national and international excellence in research, patient & family health services and education. The work of the Foundation has resulted in many innovative and effective programs for many children and youth around the world.

Some of these innovations include Brain Health, Family Centred Care, Health Genomics and Informatics, new treatments in Childhood Epilepsy, leadership in Paediatric Simulation Programs and Hospital at Home; the first in Canada pilot program providing chemotherapy in the home.

The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation’s philanthropic leadership is further demonstrated by being accredited under Imagine Canada’s Standards’ Program.

The Accreditation Trustmark demonstrates that the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation meets the highest standards of business practice in the charitable sector.

Traditionally, philanthropic organizations have supported advancements in health care through the development of infrastructure and the funding of research. The drivers of significant improvement in child health outcomes have shifted from technological advances to innovation in health service delivery, something that CAPHC believes is extremely important.

Through its willingness to provide financial supported activities for innovative program development, the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation has been a true philanthropic and collaborative partner. This has enabled the Foundation to transform in how they enable care for patients, creating a significant and lasting impact on our paediatric healthcare system and on the outcome of the children and families of this country and worldwide.

At this year’s Awards Luncheon, CAPHC also recognized the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation’s longstanding partnership with CAPHC and their commitment to the health and well-being of Canada’s children and youth through support of CAPHC’s work since 2011.

As a most valued philanthropic leader, the CAPHC Board of Directors is truly honoured to recognize the Alberta Children’s Hospital Fondation (ACHF), as CAPHC’s 2016 Citizenship Award Recipient.

Congratulation to Ms. Saifa Koonar, President and CEO, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and to all our ACHF colleagues!

Elaine Orrbine
President & CEO

Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres