Harnessing stem cells to treat premature lung disease

The CHEO Research Institute’s Spotlight on Research video series showcases some of their leading researchers in these priority areas.  Over the coming months we will be sharing some of these videos through the CAPHC Conversations Blog.

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Dr. Bernard Thébaud, a senior scientist and physician in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at CHEO, discusses the amazing healing power of stem cells from umbilical cords to treat lung disease in premature babies. His team has demonstrated that human umbilical cord stem cells can prevent lung injury and restore damaged lung tissue. Dr. Thébaud is working on translating these discoveries all the way to the clinic. 

Learn more about Dr. Thébaud: http://www.cheori.org/en/researchers?...

A written transcript of this video is available in French, upon request. Please email RIwebmaster@cheo.on.ca


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