It takes a nation

This is a guest post submitted by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we work together. Case in point, the actions of the National Patient Safety Consortium – a nationwide effort to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

“The power of partnership is invaluable in this line of work,” says Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute. “Whether it is the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres, or any of the other 50-plus partners spread across the country, this is a real show of strength for the patient safety movement in Canada.”

While a wide variety of actions, tools and resources have been produced as part of the Consortium work to date, here are some that are the most applicable to anyone working in a paediatric healthcare setting:

The beauty of these efforts is that it didn’t fall on any one group to lead the charge as several organizations stepped forward to take a leadership role, or in some cases a supporting role, in the various action items.

If you’re an active participation in the National Patient Safety Consortium, thank you for your contributions to this work. If this is all new to you, you can learn more here or by visiting any of the links above.