A Community of Practice in Action

Please join CAPHC in congratulating and thanking our Paediatric Pain Community of Practice (CoP) for their tireless work over the last five years! 

The CAPHC Pain CoP is a great example of national collaboration where inter-professional learning and knowledge exchange over a shared problem has resulted in a solution that can be implemented in the reality of practice.  This CoP seeks to improve health outcomes for infants, children and youth by reducing pain experienced during medical procedures, healthcare interventions and chronic conditions, disease or disability.

In response to a needs assessment of the CAPHC community, the Pain CoP developed web-based Toolkits to share interventions and guidelines related to Procedural Pain, Acute Pain and Chronic Pain.

Based on the best research evidence and clinical practice, these Toolkits bring together a collection of evidence-based recommendations, clinical and family resources, policy examples, pre-populated power point templates, videos, and background articles with the purpose of making these recommendations easier to move into practice. You can easily access these resources on the CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network  http://links.caphc.org/pain

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January 17, 2018 – Best Practices for Acute Pain…Made Easier!
March 7, 2018 – Registration coming soon!

A special thank you to our Pain CoP co-chairs, Dr. Samina Ali and Ashleigh Townley and Toolkit leads, Dr. Melissa Chan, Dr. Marie-Joëlle Doré-Bergeron, Karen Fleming, Dr. Denise Harrison, Elena Jackson, Leeann Lukenchuk, Rosa Alicia Paradelo, Dr. Naveen Poonai, Kathy Reid, Sandy Smeenk, Geri St. Jean, and Dre. Evelyne Trottier.  

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