Learn the basics of hand-washing and dressing for the cold from AboutKidsHealth

This is a guest post submitted by the AboutKidsHealth website. 

Hand hygiene


Catching a cold or the flu at this time of year is no fun, but good hand-washing practices can help prevent kids from getting sick. Washing hands with soap and warm water removes bacteria and viruses from a child’s hands. Viruses such as influenza can be infective for between two and eight hours on hard surfaces, and some bacteria can survive for weeks or months.

If it is not possible to wash hands with soap and water, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can also prevent some infections. Visit AboutKidsHealth to learn step-by- step hand-washing instructions and tips for teaching young children how to wash their hands properly.

Dressing for the cold

With winter temperatures now upon us, it is important to wear clothing and outerwear that keep us comfortable and safe. Dressing properly for the cold will protect against cold weather injuries, and allow us to enjoy our time outside. AKH’s article on dressing for the cold advises on
appropriate clothing for frigid temperatures, and makes recommendations on what you should wear based on activity level.

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