Please Join us in Thanking the CAPHC Sepsis Community of Practice

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We would like to thank everyone in the CAPHC Sepsis Community of Practice for their leadership and participation in this CoP.  We came together with a goal to raise awareness of paediatric sepsis in the larger healthcare community, develop paediatric specific criteria for sepsis screening and reduce variability in practice for sepsis screening.

We have been successful in the development and dissemination of a Paediatric Sepsis Screening Tool for the emergency department and of raising awareness for the need for consistent screening.  We appreciate the partnership of TREKK in facilitating the spread of the tool through their network and all of the organizations who are implementing this or a similar tool in their emergency departments. 

We have raised the profile of World Sepsis Day and the Global Sepsis Alliance in the CAPHC community and paediatric sepsis is a priority at many of our healthcare organizations.
We have identified the issue of inconsistent definitions that lead to under-reporting of sepsis in the administrative data.  CAPHC will continue the dialogue with CIHI and appreciates the attention that has been given to this.

As our time as a Community of Practice comes to an end, CAPHC will also continue to raise awareness of paediatric sepsis through knowledge translation activities; social media platforms, promoting World Sepsis Day, and supporting research as a knowledge translation partner.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to improving health outcomes for children and youth in Canada.

We look forward to working with you in the future.