Canada's Ambitions for Pediatric Sepsis Screening: From Today's Best Practice to Precision Medicine

We are very excited to see the Children's Health Association featuring CAPHC's paediatric sepsis screening tool in a webinar!

Mark your calendars now for CHA's upcoming webinar on October 18th and tune in to hear Dr. Graham Thompson from Alberta Children's Hospital discuss the sepsis screening tool, TREKK's journey toward national screening and the future of sepsis recognition through precision medicine!

The Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centers (CAPHC) developed a standardized pediatric sepsis screening tool that has been implemented in hospitals across Canada. While it was developed for all care settings, CAPHC has worked specifically at getting this screening tool into general emergency departments. The campaign to adopt and implement standard screening has been fueled by Canada's TREKK Network (Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids), which provides infrastructure for children's hospitals and community hospitals, to work together to ensure that all children receive the right care, whether they are seen at a pediatric or general emergency department.

Even as Canadian health care providers undertake implementation of large-scale pediatric sepsis screening, researchers are looking to the promise of precision medicine for early recognition of sepsis and patient stratification. Patient bio profiles created by integrating metabolomics and proteomics are one promising area of precision medicine research being pursued in the Alberta Sepsis Network, complementing the national drive to standard sepsis screening.

Dr. Graham Thompson is a leader in Canada's pediatric sepsis screening campaign and a researcher in precision medicine applications for sepsis. In this sepsis education webcast, Dr. Thompson will share TREKK's journey toward national screening and the future of sepsis recognition through precision medicine.

Graham Thompson MD FRCPC
Alberta Children's Hospital
Alberta Sepsis Network, University of Calgary

October 18, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

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This webinar is open to CHA member hospitals and pediatric sepsis clinicians in community hospitals, focused on improving patient outcomes. There is no fee to attend.