CAPHC-CPDSN PRRS: Taking the Stage at the 2017 Clinical Research Symposium

This is a guest post submitted by Julie Boucher from the CHEO Rehabilitation and Chronic Pain Services.

On Tuesday May 30th, the 2017 Clinical Research Symposium, hosted by the Ottawa Pediatric Rehabilitation Research Alliance (OPRRA), took place at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). The annual event showcased research conducted by the CHEO Rehabilitation Program and Chronic Pain Service, the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC), as well as the University of Ottawa, and featured speakers who discussed their work in the field of pediatric rehabilitation.

This year’s invited speakers included Siam Javeid, the Decision Support Manager for the Paediatric Rehabilitation Reporting System (PRRS), and Dorothy Harvey, the Co-Chair of the PRRS Steering Committee, who spoke about data collection in the ambulatory and community-based rehabilitation services sector, via the PRRS project.

The reporting system offers a centralized way of collecting paediatric rehabilitation information that can be shared among healthcare organizations, including among others, CHEO. Moreover, it is paving the way for a more data driven service delivery system for children and youth with disabilities or chronic conditions.

Clinicians who attended the symposium not only gained a better understanding of the importance of standardizing and evolving the PRRS dataset to compare paediatric rehabilitation services on a national scale, they also learned about the practical implications of implementing the reporting system in a clinical setting (e.g. ensuring timely and appropriate access to interventions).

Feedback received following the event was uniformly positive and there was widespread support for the implementation of the system to address current gaps in knowledge. Attendees not only showed enthusiasm for the project but also expressed eagerness to move forward with a data driven initiative in the hopes of improving pediatric rehabilitation service delivery.


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