Apply for a Patient & Family Grant for the 2018 CAPHC Annual Conference!



The 2018 CAPHC Conference is proud to be a Patients Included conference!

The CAPHC Conference will ensure that content in our program has relevance for patients, clients and their families, caregivers, and the public. The Patients Included charter provides conference organizers with a means of demonstrating that their events are committed to incorporating the experience of patients, who are experts in living with their condition, while ensuring they are neither excluded nor exploited. The 2018 CAPHC Annual Conference is proud to meet all five of the charter’s clauses.


CAPHC will offer Patient & Family Grants to pay for the travel, accommodation and registration for patients and family members in full so that they may participate in the 2018 CAPHC Annual Conference. These award recipients will be selected based on their ability to support the planning of the event, contribute to the program, support other aspects of the event or attend and benefit from the event. Travel expenses will be paid in advance, and accommodation costs covered in full on site, with no costs being incurred by these patient and family attendees.

How to apply:

1.    Review the following criteria:

  • Award winner must be have reached the age of majority
  • Award winner must be a Canadian resident
  • Award winner cannot be a paid employee of a Patient Group or Health Centre
  • Award winner will be asked to provide a brief post-event report outlining the benefits of attending the Conference

2.    Complete and submit the application form by Aug 5, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee and decisions will be communicated by Aug 12, 2018.


Learn more about the Patients Included charter and to apply for the Patient & Family Grant!

Deadline for Patient & Family Grant applications is
Aug 5, 2018 at 11:59pm ET!

Funding for the Patient & Family Grant has been made possible with the generous support of: