It takes a Community to create a Guideline

The CAPHC Transitions Community of Practice (CoP) would like to remind you of an important resource.

CAPHC Guideline for Transition from Paediatric to Adult Health Care for Youth with Special Health Care Needs:  A National Approach

The Guideline and the 19 personal, clinical, and system–level recommendations are based in evidence and built on the knowledge, experience and consensus of a large and engaged national network over the course of four years.

We have also included an updated inventory of resources, tools and programs to assist you in the development of your own Transition Program.

We invite you to read the Guideline, implement the recommendations that are relevant to your unique setting and share your experience with the CAPHC Transition CoP.  

If you would like to share your experience implementing any of the recommendations or developing a transition program; or would like to speak to someone with experience developing a transition program or providing transition services please contact Lisa Stromquist