Dear Valued CAPHC Members, We Want To Hear Your Voice!

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Your voice is important!

Please click on the link below and answer this short survey that will let us know more about our members, how we should communicate with you, and what's important to you.  Please respond by September 5th.  The results will be shared at the CAPHC Conference and will help us set our strategic priorities. 

Take the survey:

Dear Valued CAPHC Members,

On behalf of the CAPHC Board of Directors, I am writing today to invite your participation in an important membership survey. The goal of this survey is to help our Association identify which activities and services deliver the greatest value, and to help us set strategic priorities for the future.

Earlier this spring, I wrote to share with you a little bit about our journey to better understand how the current activities of CAPHC support our strategic plan, and more specifically, our desire for deeply integrated, high quality and appropriate health care for Canada’s children and youth. 

Under the leadership of our new CEO, Emily Gruenwoldt, the Association has completed an extensive program review to evaluate each and every activity CAPHC is engaged in through the lens of “fit, focus and relevance”. The team debated whether CAPHC was the most appropriate organization to lead or engage in a particular initiative (Fit), whether success was clearly defined for an activity, and considered the resources required to achieve this success (Focus), and perhaps most importantly, the relevance of each activity from the perspective of our broad membership. Were we solving a problem or meeting a need?

As CAPHC approaches a significant milestone in 2018 – our semi-centennial, the Association is preparing to both celebrate the past, while we look towards the future. We want to modernize our value proposition to serve you in a meaningful way for many years to come. YOU will help orient us toward continued success.

CAPHC has always been deeply committed to the interests of members. We are excited about our future serving the paediatric community and trust that you will join us to define a meaningful, contemporary and progressive vision for our national association.

I hope each of you have had the chance to enjoy some rest and relaxation this summer. We look forward to seeing you at the CAPHC Annual Conference this fall (October 22-24th) in Montreal, Quebec.

Yours truly,
Dr. Peter Fitzgerald,
Chair, Board of Directors
Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres

About CAPHC: 
The Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) is a non-profit organization recognized as a leader in advancing the improvement of healthcare for Canada’s children and youth. CAPHC’s mandate is to affect system-wide change in the delivery of healthcare services by focusing on innovative initiatives and programs that have broad national relevance. Today, CAPHC is proud to support inter-professional child and youth health care providers and families from more than 70 organizations in Canada. 

To learn more about CAPHC’s programs, partners, and services, visit or follow us on Twitter, @CAPHCTweets.