ANNOUNCEMENT! Winner of the 2017 CAPHC Award for Organizational Leadership

On behalf of the CAPHC Board of Directors and the CAPHC Awards Committee we are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2017 CAPHC Award for Organizational Leadership!

CAPHC Award for Organizational Leadership:
Formerly known as the CAPHC Citizenship Award, this annual award was created to recognize the leadership of an organization, a foundation or corporation to enable the best healthcare for children and youth in Canada. This award also recognizes the value an organization places on partnerships and collaboration within the healthcare community.

We are proud to announce Child Health BC as the recipient of the 2017 CAPHC Award for Organizational Leadership!


Child Health BC is a provincial health network whose Steering Committee brings together child health leaders and physician leaders from all of BC's health authorities including the geographic health authorities, PHSA (including BC Children's Hospital and Perinatal Services BC) and the First Nations Health Authority. This award specifically recognizes the leadership of Child Health BC to inspire change and innovation and your commitment to partnerships and collaboration within (and beyond) the healthcare community in British Columbia. 

Congratulations to Child Health BC! 

All of this year’s CAPHC Leadership Award Recipients will be honoured at the annual Awards Luncheon hosted at the 2017 CAPHC Conference, Engaging Children, Youth and Families: Are You Ready to Move Beyond Good Intentions in Montréal, Québec on Tuesday October 24.