Preventing Viral Respiratory Infections (VRI) and Promoting Family Literacy — tips from AboutKidsHealth

This is a guest post submitted by the AboutKidsHealth website. 

Preventing VRIs this winter
Many people are cautious of catching a cold at this time of year, but there are other respiratory
infections that you should also be aware of. This is particularly important for vulnerable populations such as babies and young children, as well as those who have an immune system problem or cannot care for themselves, such as the elderly and disabled.

In addition to information on preventing and treating the common cold, AKH’s article on viral respiratory infections explains how several infections of the lungs and airways can spread, and who is more at risk for developing serious complications from a VRI. Visit AKH to learn more about VRIs including colds, the flu and bronchiolitis, and how to treat complications such as pneumonia.


Family Literacy Day
January 27th is Family Literacy Day, which aims to educate families on the benefits of reading and writing together. Storytime and reading to children is a fun way for parents and caregivers to promote literacy while engaging their own skills. To coincide with Family Literacy Day, be sure to check out AKH’s resources on reading and writing, including:

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