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New diabetes content on AboutKidsHealth
AboutKidsHealth’s Diabetes Resource Centre already offers multiple articles with in-depth information on balancing blood sugar levels, injecting insulin, and maintaining a healthy diet. Now, patients and families can learn more about preventing complications of diabetes, such as eye disease and kidney problems, in a new section of the resource centre. “Complications of diabetes” includes twelve articles about topics such as:

  • Screening for complications
  • Thyroid diseases and diabetes
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and diabetes

Check out AboutKidsHealth’s Diabetes Resource Centre here:

Second-hand smoke
January 15 to 19 is National Non-Smoking Week in Canada. Organized by the Canadian Council for Tobacco, the campaign aims to raise awareness of how tobacco harms the health of smokers and others who are exposed to second-hand smoke. Visit AKH to learn how second-hand smoke affects babies and children, and strategies to minimize exposure to second-hand smoke.

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