Beta Testers for Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum in Child Health (PORCCH)

This is a guest post from Frank Gavin, Founder of the Canadian Family Advisory Network and the CHILD-BRIGHT Citizen Engagement Director

The CHILD-BRIGHT Citizen Engagement Committee would like to invite the CAPHC community to help identify beta testers for the Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum in Child Health (PORCCH).

PORCCH is a collaborative effort involving patients and families, health care professionals, clinician-scientists, and educational researchers from CCHCSP, the Ontario Child Health Support Unit, The Hospital for Sick Children, the BC SUPPORT Unit, Child Bright SPOR Network and the Ottawa Methods Centre. The overarching goal of PORCCH is to enhance skills and build capacity in patient-­oriented research in child health.

Please help us out by testing one or both of the two parts of module one of the new Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum in Child Health (PORCCH), which is geared toward parents and youth interested in research, especially patient-oriented research. CHILD-BRIGHT has been helping to fund the project, and I've been on the project's Steering Committee for over a year.

Those interested in participating need not have any research-related experience or they may have some. Each of the two inter-active parts of the module takes about 20 minutes and then there will be some feedback questions to answer--and it all can be done from home.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please go to and click the “PORCCH sign up” button.

Frank Gavin
CHILD-BRIGHT Citizen Engagement Director

The CHILD-BRIGHT Network, headquartered at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), is an innovative pan-Canadian network that aims to improve life outcomes for children with brain-based developmental disabilities and their families. Using child- and family-focused approaches, we work to create novel interventions to optimize development, promote health outcomes, and deliver responsive and supportive services.

CHILD-BRIGHT's Citizen Engagement Council provides guidance to all parts of the Network (the individual research projects and the training, knowledge translation, and communication teams) about effective engagement with all relevant constituencies: children, youth, families, clinicians, researchers, policy-makers, administrators, etc. Its 12 members are drawn from these constituencies.