Avoiding the flu and accommodating allergies in school – tips from AboutKidsHealth

This is a guest post submitted by the AboutKidsHealth website. 

Flu (1).jpg

Since the flu occurs more in the fall and winter months, AboutKidsHealth’s articles on how to prevent and treat the flu are especially helpful for parents this time of year. Visit AKH for information on:

  • the flu vaccine
  • common symptoms of the flu
  • tips on how to avoid contracting and spreading the flu
  • how to care for your child if they get sick.

It is important that children with allergies protect themselves while sharing space with others at school. AKH has articles on various common allergens, including peanuts, fish, eggs, seafood, sesame seeds, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. These articles list food products containing these allergens, and explain how to prevent an allergic reaction and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. AKH’s anaphylaxis information will also equip parents and caregivers with the necessary knowledge to recognize and respond to a severe allergic reaction.

AboutKidsHealth is SickKids’ patient education website, which offers more than 3,500 articles, illustrations and videos on a range of paediatric health topics. For more articles on allergies, the flu, and other viruses, please visit www.aboutkidshealth.ca.