AboutKidsHealth - Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week & World Antibiotic Awareness Week

This is a guest post by AboutKidsHealth.

November is a busy month for awareness events. Here are a couple to take note of during the first half of the month.

Every year, November kicks off with Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week (CDSW), from November 1 to 7. The purpose of the event is to promote the inclusion of the 45,000 Canadians with Down syndrome in our schools and communities by recognizing ability and removing barriers. You can participate in CDSW by learning more about Down syndrome, what causes it, and related medical conditions with the help of the following articles from AboutKidsHealth.

Also in November is World Antibiotic Awareness Week, which runs from November 12 to 18. This event raises awareness of the dangers of overusing or misusing antibiotics, which can make infections like pneumonia and tuberculosis harder to treat. Parents and families can check out the following articles from AboutKidsHealth to learn more about the safe use of antibiotics.

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