Antibiotic Awareness Week: Let's Talk

This is a guest post submitted by Public Health Ontario.

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From November 12-18, organizations across the globe will join in the celebration of Antibiotic Awareness Week (AAW). As you may know, the focus of this week is to raise awareness about antibiotic resistance and to encourage appropriate antibiotic use in all healthcare settings.

In a number of respiratory tract infections commonly seen in primary care, antibiotics provide minimal to no benefit but can cause considerable harm. Conversations between patients and clinicians about when NOT to use antibiotics are growing.

In light of AAW, Public Health Ontario (PHO) has collaborated with Choosing Wisely Canada to create a series of evidence-based “Let’s Talk” resources, encouraging prescribers, nurses and pharmacists to adopt a shared decision making (SDM) approach when having these conversations. SDM is a communication strategy that has been shown to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use in primary care.

These resources highlight the benefits and harms of antibiotic therapy for bronchitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, and otitis media. They are intended to be patient-friendly resources that clinicians can use to complement their patient counselling.

Let’s Talk resources:

Do you think you need antibiotics?


Sore Throat 

Sinus Infection 

Ear Infection 

Join the conversation

Don’t forget to join in the conversation during AAW with us on our official Twitter account. #AntibioticAwarenessWeek.

PHO would like to thank the physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists who contributed their advice and time into the development of these resources. Please share these resources with colleagues to whom this may be of interest.    

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