Winter safety tips from AboutKidsHealth

Dressing for the cold

As colder weather arrives, it’s important to know how to dress properly to stay warm and safe. Dressing in layers can help prevent sweating, which can cause you to lose body heat more quickly. A layer of clothing can be removed before starting an activity to help you avoid overheating. Consider the weather forecast and what children’s activity levels will be when choosing which and how many layers to wear.

The rule of thumb is to dress in three layers:

  • The inner layer should be thin and cover the whole body to keep moisture away.

  • The middle layer is the insulating layer, which can be made up of multiple thin layers.

  • Lastly, your outer layer protects from water and wind. It should be a long coat with a high collar and a hood.

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Preventing burns: Winter safety

Candles and fireplaces are great for creating a warm and cozy environment in winter if used safely. Here are some ways to prevent burns that are more common in the winter:

  • An open flame from a candle can get as hot as 1400°C, which can cause major burns in seconds. Make sure to keep candles in stable candle holders that are large enough to catch hot wax. Keep children away from all candles and open flames.

  • Fireplaces get very hot, and gas fireplaces heat up quickly. Use a fire screen and keep kids at a safe distance.

Other items around the house can cause burns too. Find out how to prevent fires and burns from items like extension cords and lights in AboutKidsHealth’s article on preventing burns during the winter months.

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