KBHN Seeks a Chief Scientific Officer

Sent on behalf of the KBHN CSO Search Committee

Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN) is a national network of researchers and health professionals dedicated to helping children with neurodisabilities and their families. We fund collaborative research, train the next generation of developmental neuroscientists, and mobilize the knowledge we generate. KBHN is funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE), a program of the federal government meeting Canada’s needs by focusing a critical mass of research resources on social and economic challenges, commercializing and applying home-grown research breakthroughs, increasing private sector R&D, and training highly qualified people. KBHN is governed by a Board of Directors as required by its funder and specified in Canada’s Not-for Profit Act, under which the NCEs operate.

The focus of KBHN has always been on impact and our goal is to mobilize our research findings to help children and their families across Canada. This is an exciting time of opportunity for KBHN as we engage with our Canadian research and knowledge mobilization communities, and with families raising children with neurodisabilities and other stakeholders, to complete our Cycle II (2015-2020) funding commitments, renew our strategy, and prepare for a successful and impactful Cycle III (2020-2025) submission to the Networks of Centres of Excellence. Effectively addressing lifespan issues and achieving real impact for Canadian families will require focused mobilization of research and knowledge.

To support our goal, KBHN’s Board of Directors is seeking a Chief Scientific Officer to advise, guide, develop and inform the scientific direction of the organization so that the results of KBHN-funded activity have the best possible opportunities for impact in the lives of Canadians.

As KBHN’s new Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), you will work in partnership with KBHN’s CEO, our Board of Directors, the Research Management Committee and KBHN Network members to refine our strategy for impact and innovation. The CSO’s main objectives are to achieve our Cycle II commitments and craft a successful Cycle III proposal to the NCE Program that will raise the bar for research, innovation and commercialization among our investigators across our areas of focus in early diagnosis, effective treatment and family support. Your efforts will have direct impact on kids and families across Canada and beyond.

A recognized leader with a passion for kids’ brain health, science, innovation, commercialization and knowledge mobilization, you have a track record of leadership in translating ideas into action, building multi-stakeholder teams and collaborating to achieve and demonstrate impact on a national and international scale.

This mandate will benefit from an ability to co-create and act on a shared vision for impact in kids’ brain health among KBHN Network members and the Research Management Committee, as well as to work collaboratively with the CEO and the Board to promote an organizational culture that fosters innovative thinking and transparency where people feel engaged, valued and rewarded.

You are fully aware and embrace the challenges of leadership in the national research sector, ideally having worked successfully and been recognized as a leader in neurodevelopmental research, knowledge translation and/or commercialization. You enjoy being an effective and active leader in the field of kids’ brain health and welcome the opportunity to work in the partnership with Board and the CEO, and to lead the Research Management Committee and Network to achieve KBHN’s mission and strategic goals at this exciting and pivotal time in the field of kids’ brain health research and innovation.

The CSO role with KBHN is not a salaried position. Reimbursement for the time required for this leadership role will be negotiated with the candidate’s institution or company, if relevant.

To apply for this pivotal role, please send your resume in confidence to EOI@kidsbrainhealth.ca

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