Spring launch of the new AboutKidsHealth

AKH_newWEbsite_promoGraphic (1).jpg

The new AboutKidsHealth.ca is now live!

Check out aboutkidshealth.ca for the same trustworthy, up-to- date health information from the experts at SickKids, with new features for patients, families and health-care providers.

The AboutKidsHealth redesigned website includes a new layout, enhanced search functions, and completely mobile-friendly content.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Mobile-friendly. Over the past five years, AboutKidsHealth (AKH) has seen an increase in the number of users visiting the site from mobile devices. In 2012, only 20% of AKH users accessed the site from their phone. Last year that percentage increased to 72% of users. Now, we have made AKH completely mobile-friendly, so users can view AKH’S 3,500 articles and 5,000 medical illustrations, animations and videos on their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.
  • Overview and key points. AKH now introduces its articles with a brief overview and set of key points. This summarizes the most important content for users, so they can assess the information they need right away.
  • Navigation. Our new accordion structure allows you to jump to relevant information such as “Signs and symptoms”, “Treatment” or “When to seek medical attention” without needing to read the whole article.
  • Organization. If parents and caregivers aren’t sure of the exact article they’re looking for, AKH can quickly direct them to relevant topics. With our new search tools, it’s possible to filter results by body system, body part, health specialty, health category, and language. Users can also find articles on a main A-Z index page.
  • Cleaner design. We have removed banners and additional information from the left and right sides of the webpage, as research shows that people can consume content better without these distractions.
  • New logo! Our updated logo better reflects SickKids branding, which can help remind users that we are a SickKids-approved resource.

For more information, take a tour of the features on the new AKH!