CAPHC is excited to launch the Call for Poster for the 2018 CAPHC Annual Conference.  


CAPHC is excited to launch the Call for Poster for the 2018 CAPHC Annual Conference.  

The Poster Session at the CAPHC Annual Conference has grown into one of the premier events at our annual meeting, providing an ideal venue to showcase and view innovative research, exciting programs and unique strategies taking place in the area of child and youth health.

New This Year!!

For 2018, we have made some significant changes to our process.  Our posters submissions have typically fallen into two types:  those that are traditional scientific or quality improvement initiatives that have rigorous methodology and well articulated outcomes, or, posters that describe innovative models of service delivery, new strategies for approaching various aspects of paediatric health care, showcasing partnerships for improving services, or other work that ignites ideas and conversation among our delegates.

This year's process will allow authors to submit their work to one of two categories:

  1. Scientific and Quality Improvement Posters

    Description:  This category is reserved for posters presenting completed projects/initiatives, with realized outcomes.  Posters in this category should be able to demonstrate rigorous scientific or quality improvement methodology and significant results.  Also, conclusions drawn must be supported by the evidence presented.
  2. Demonstration Posters

    Description:  This category is for posters that share unique programs, intervention, initiatives, that will be of interest to the child and youth health care community, but do not benefit from rigorous analysis or evaluation.  Posters are expected to demonstrate completed work.

Please review the full submission instructions for poster dimensions, review criteria, setup times, and much more important information before you submit.