Visit the new AboutKidsHealth for mental health and celiac disease resources

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May 7-13 is the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)’s Mental Health Week, which aims to raise awareness of how Canadians can take care of their mental health. To mark Mental Health Week, visit AboutKidsHealth’s mental health learning hub for more information on the signs, symptoms and treatments of different mental health conditions, including:

May is also Celiac Awareness Month, which educates Canadians on signs of celiac disease and how a gluten-free diet can help improve symptoms and heal the gut. To learn more about this autoimmune condition, visit AKH’s articles on:

AboutKidsHealth is SickKids’ redesigned patient education website, which offers more than 3,500 articles, illustrations and videos on a range of paediatric health topics. For more information on mental health, celiac disease and other health topics, visit

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