Helmet and summer safety tips from AboutKidsHealth

This is a guest post submitted by the AboutKidsHealth website. 

Summer is always a great time for kids to get some exercise by riding their bikes and playing sports outside. However, it is important for parents and caregivers to know that in addition to riding a bike, many outdoor sports and recreational activities also require a helmet.

Parents and caregivers can visit AboutKidsHealth for information about when a child should be wearing a helmet, and how to fit one properly. AKH offers several articles on how to prevent head injuries and helmet safety, including:

With the end of summer approaching, there will also be several opportunities for kids to be around campfires and fireworks before heading back to school. While these can be exciting for kids, it’s important to understand how to keep kids safe in environments with fire so they can avoid serious burns.

Make sure to visit AKH’s article Burn prevention: Campfires and fireworks to ensure that your child can enjoy campfires and fireworks safely.   

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