Visit AboutKidsHealth for back to school and sex education resources

This is a guest post submitted by the AboutKidsHealth website. 

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With September in full swing, it’s a great time for parents to visit AboutKidsHealth’s Back to School Learning Hub! This section of resources includes a variety of articles about how to keep kids healthy during the school year, with topics related to learning, homework, relationships, mental and physical health, and more. Some of the hub’s articles include:

The start of a school year may also be when parents are thinking about sex education for their children. Parents can visit AKH to learn more about why sex education is beneficial, tips for having a conversation with kids about sex, and how to convey information in an age-appropriate manner. Some of AKH’s articles on sex education include:

AboutKidsHealth is SickKids’ patient education website, which offers more than 3,500 articles, illustrations and videos on a range of paediatric health topics. For more information on back to school topics and sex education for children, visit