Family Literacy Day — Reading and writing tips from AboutKidsHealth

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January 27 is Family Literacy Day, a day to educate families on the benefits of reading and writing together.

Once children start speaking, they move on to develop reading skills, and later, writing skills. You can help your child build their comprehension skills, engage more fully with what they are reading, and use written language to communicate ideas in a variety of ways.

In addition to sitting down with your child to read and write, incorporate literacy-related activities into your child’s day. Support literacy every day by:

  • reading traffic, store and restaurant signs with your child

  • writing the date and time of appointments and activities on a family calendar

  • reading and writing greeting cards, emails and text messages together

  • talking to your child about the things they like to read about.

Discover more ways to support literacy as a family and guidelines for reading and writing achievements for each age group from SK to Grade 3 in the AboutKidsHealth article, “Reading and writing milestones”.

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