Cannabis Public Education & Youth Resource from CCSA


This is a guest post submitted by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA)

Based on research conducted at the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA), we have heard that many young people are doing their own cannabis research online and through peers but are often encountering conflicting, confusing and sometimes misleading information. We have also heard that young people are ready to have the conversation on cannabis, but many who interact with them are not well prepared for it.

To help those looking for practical approaches to talking with youth about cannabis and to feel more confident in having these difficult conversations, CCSA has recently released our Talking Pot with Youth: A Cannabis Communication Guide for Youth Allies. The guide has been developed with input from youth and youth allies through a series of co-design methods and has been peer reviewed by partners and stakeholders in the field. The guide is intended to educate youth allies (such as practitioners, parents, teachers, officers and coaches) on how to have safe, unbiased, informed and non-judgmental conversations with young people about cannabis. The guide takes a harm reduction approach and provides a basis for communicating accurate information on cannabis. It also helps to provide clarity about the health and social effects of cannabis and challenge common misperceptions while supporting informed decision making for young people.

With over 23,000 downloads, our guide has had tremendous uptake across a variety of sectors and practice settings to facilitate successful and meaningful conversations with young people around cannabis.