Connected by purpose, Driven by passion - Launching Children's Healthcare Canada's Child Health Hubs


Children’s Healthcare Canada is building on a strong history of national collaboration and introducing our new program of Value Networks.  These Networks are a member benefit and open to employees of all Children Healthcare Canada’s member organizations.

Child Health Hubs are a new and exclusive member benefit. Child Health Hubs are member driven. Hubs connect individuals from member-organizations with “like” peers from coast to coast to share information, ask questions, and exchange resources related to their position or role in their organization. 

Hub members drive the agenda for their own meetings, provide updates or presentations to describe their own environment, discuss challenges and solutions to common paediatric issues.  Child Health Hubs are not staffed by Children’s Healthcare Canada, though they are supported with infrastructure to meet virtually throughout the year, and face to face at the conference. 

Child Health Hubs can be established based on defined roles (ex. Transport teams, Medical or Nursing leads, PICU/NICU managers, etc) or by shared interest (ex. pain management). The Hubs are accountable for submitting an annual summary of activity to Children’s Healthcare Canada. Children’s Healthcare Canada staff will use this summary to ensure the activity of the Hub is consistent with the values of our organization. 

Interested in starting a Child Health Hub? Here are a few things you need to do.

  1. Name a lead/chair.

  2. Recruit a minimum of 10 people to join your Child Health Hub. Note: All participants must be a Children’s Healthcare Canada member through their organization

  3. Determine the key functions that your group would like to engage in. Some examples are:

    • Knowledge exchange opportunities through regular web-meetings or teleconference calls

    • Planning a half-day business meeting or workshop at the annual conference (Conference meetings would require advance notice)

  4. Apply through the link below

There will be a limited number of Child Health Hubs selected as we get this program up and running.  We will have calls ongoing throughout the year and establish more Hubs over time. 


Have more questions?  Contact Lisa Stromquist

Child Health Hubs help Children’s Healthcare Canada meet strategic goals:

  1. Sharing evidence and accelerating implementation of high-quality youth and family centred care.

  2. Advocate to improve children’s health and health systems



  • Provide a virtual forum for members to connect with their peers from coast to coast

  • Facilitate knowledge exchange on issues and concerns that matter to our members



  • Children’s Healthcare Canada will provide a teleconference line and a virtual space on the Knowledge Exchange Network (or otherwise) for the Hub to meet and share resources as well as support for a half day meeting at the Annual Conference

  • Member driven agendas: Hubs focus on content and discussions most relevant to their own community. The Hub takes the lead developing agendas, communicating within the network, developing action registries and maintains their own customized and virtual space on the KEN.

  • Flexible approach: Members of the Hub define the frequency of meetings, maintaining a pace that works for the group. Hubs can be ongoing to build a national network over time, or they can be time limited to tackle a specific issue, challenge or opportunity.

  • Scalable: Hubs can be designed to serve a tightly defined audience, or they can be more inclusive and broader in membership, as appropriate.