JOB POSTING - Chair CHEO Research Ethics Board


Chair CHEO Research Ethics Board

The CHEO Research Ethics Board (REB) is seeking it’s next Chair. The REB is responsible for the ethical assessment and approval of all research involving human subjects at CHEO, as well as research conducted off‐site by CHEO researchers. REB reviews are conducted in accordance with hospital policies, national guidance documents and relevant laws. The REB Chair position requires a 2 to 3 day per week commitment, and appointment is for a 5-year term.

The scale and scope of research activity at CHEO has grown substantially over the past ten years, and an opportunity exists for a new Chair to shape and mold the REB to meet this higher volume.  Similarly, the pediatric health research environment has changed and a new Chair will help to transform the REB to capitalize on the opportunities and meet the challenges inherent to this environment.

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Role and responsibilities of the REB Chair

The REB Chair works with the REB members and CHEO researchers to ensure that the rights and welfare of participants in research studies are adequately protected, and that the benefits of the research justify the potential risks to research participants. The Chair has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the REB acts in accordance with all applicable regulations, guidelines and policies governing REBs, and works with REB members to review, propose modifications to, approve, reject, suspend or terminate any proposed or ongoing research involving human participants.  He/she shall also serve as an advocate for the work of the REB and for pediatric research in general.

The REB reports to the Board of Directors of CHEO through the Quality and Safety Committee. The Chair is responsible for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the ethics review process. The Chair will work closely with the REB Vice Chair, the CHEO Vice President, Research, and the CHEO Vice President, People, Strategy & Performance (to whom he/she will report administratively) on the strategic direction and annual goals of the Research Ethics program, and on Board membership, stakeholder relations and quality management activities.

The Chair is appointed by the President and CEO of CHEO for a term of 5 years, with possible renewal.



The ideal candidate is an experienced REB Chair or REB member and/or a researcher from an academic institution, research centre or relevant government agency. Being a physician with experience or knowledge of medical science and clinical research would be desirable, but is not necessarily required for this position. A background and/or strong knowledge of clinical research in pediatric populations and the special considerations that exist when conducting research involving children would be an asset.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate personal and academic integrity; interest in and commitment to the role; a willingness to learn and continuously update knowledge and skills, teamwork and professionalism; the ability to manage workloads in a timely manner; the ability to balance leadership and diplomacy skills, and the ability to positively represent the CHEO REB at local, regional and national levels. The REB Chair will be an expert on relevant guidelines, regulations, and policies and their application to research and research ethics (including TCPS-2 and privacy laws in Ontario). In addition, the ideal candidate will be familiar with web‐based communication systems and/or have the ability to contribute to an eREB strategy.


Application process

Applications will be accepted up to June 21st, 2019 and must include a curriculum vitae and cover letter summarizing the applicant’s interest, relevant experience and background.

Applications can be submitted through  or may be sent electronically to:

Michelle Johnston-Lupien
Human Resources Officer

The deadline for the receipt of applications is June 21st, 2019