Breakfast at SSCY - Children with Medical Complexity, Complex Care, and the Manitoba Experience

The SSCY Network (Specialized Services for Children and Youth) invites you to join us for Breakfast at SSCY, our monthly learning series!  These sessions, available as a webinar, provide an opportunity to learn about and discuss a variety of topics that are relevant to SSCY families, programs, and pediatric rehabilitation service providers.  All are welcome to attend!

Join us on Tuesday, June 11 at 8 am central time to learn about Children with Medical Complexity, Complex Care, and the Manitoba Experience.  

Complex Care is an emerging field in Pediatrics.  Children with Medical Complexity encounter the health care system at many different points and are followed by multiple health care professionals in multiple settings.  It can be challenging to navigate our complex medical system and achieve cohesive, coordinated care.  Complex Care programs work to improve communication and transitions within the healthcare system as well as to support and empower families in navigating care for their child.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the current definition of children with medical complexity

  • Appreciate the medical and social challenges these children and families face

  • Appreciate the challenges to the system that care for these children present

  • Understand what Complex Care is as a specialty and the benefits the field provides

Visit our website ( for full details.  You can register for the webinar here:

The SSCY Network is a partnership between several service provider agencies, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and three provincial government departments.  Co-locating partners are located in SSCY Centre in Winnipeg.  SSCY partners work together in a family-centred way to provide specialized community-based services for children and youth with disabilities and/or special needs, to support them in reaching their full potential.