Mental Health Week — New resources from AboutKidsHealth

In support of Mental Health Week (May 6–12), AboutKidsHealth is sharing information on substance use disorder, somatization and the impact of chronic conditions on mental health.

  • Substance use disorder: Substance use is the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for pleasure or enjoyment. Regular substance use can be associated with a range of physical and mental health problems.

  • Somatization: Somatization is the expression of emotions, such as distress, through physical symptoms as a result of the mind-body connection. Somatic symptom disorder or conversion disorder is diagnosed when somatization impairs a person’s quality of life and becomes the focus of medical attention.

  • Mental health and chronic conditions: A diagnosis of a chronic condition can have a major impact on a child or teen. Some children may develop symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions.

Discover information on signs, symptoms and treatments of these mental health conditions, as well as resources on supporting your child’s mental health in the three brand new sections of the Mental Health Learning Hub: Substance use disorder; Understanding somatization; Parenting a child with a chronic condition.

The Mental Health Learning Hub also features over 10 other sections on different mental health conditions, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and eating disorders, as well as general tips for supporting your child’s general wellbeing.

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